Genae Photography

There is something so beautiful about capturing couples in all of their love & connection. I feel that the only way to truly capture my clients love is to let them be free to love on each other during their session. My style is a mixture between cinematic, moody with the warmth my couples feel in each other's arms. The most important part of all my client's session is capturing those in between moments when you give him that look of pure love or when he checks you out as you walk away. Those are the moments I truly feel are most important. 


Hi There!


My name is LeAnn Genae Vazquez. I have been photographing couples, engagements, and weddings for the last five years. I studied photography in high school and couldn't wait to start my business and graduated a year early because of it. Photography & travel has become my life's work and was my first love. My family & friends can attest to the fact that if you let me talk about my last session then you better have time to spare. I'll tell you how my amazing clients did, location, the outfits they chose, etc. The passion I have for photography and capturing my couple's love, pours out of me and flows right into my work.


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